Research Skills and Technical Presentation

  • The aim of the course is to provide students with a general overview of research skills as well as technical writing and presentation. The topics include research basics, selecting a research subject, bibliographic databases, scientific publications, writing skills, technical presentation, and writing ethics. the basic themes and issues. The lecture slides for each chapter are available in the following files:


  • Acknowledgment: I would greatly appreciate Dr. M. Javad Omidi, who taught the course in the spring 2012 and 2014. We shared our experiences and lecture slides to improve the course quality.


  •  List and Impact Factors of ISI Journals in Electrical and Computer Engineering:

(ECE - IF - 2010.pdf )         (ECE - IF - 2010.xlsx)

MIF and AIF for each subject category are also available the above files.


  • Black List of Publishers and Journals:  Please do not submit your articles to the journals mentioned in this file.    

(Journals -Black list.pdf)


  • Iranian Patent Forms:

             1. (Instruction.docx)       2. (Required Documents.docx)

             3. (Claims.docx)             4. (Assignees and Inventors.docx)


  • Sample forms for Industrial Research Proposals:

              1. (Short Proposal.doc)     2. (Long Proposal.doc)


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