Industrial Projects

  •  Funded Research Projects and Grants:

[32] Design and Implementation of a New Control Method, Automation, and Monitoring System for Steel Leveler System in Heavy Gauge of Hot Rolling Mill, Mobarakeh Steel Co., 2017-2018. (Principle Investigator)

[31] Investigating the Causes of Difference Between the Electrical Energy Consumption in the Electrical Arc Furnaces located in Steel-Making Area and the recorded values in the Electrical Distribution Area to Provide and Implement Trouble-Shooting Solutions, Mobarakeh Steel Co., 2013-2013. (Principle Investigator)

[30] Design and Implementation of a CO2 Incubator, Iranian Foundation of Stem Cells Research and Development, 2012-2013. (Principle Investigator)

[29] Identification and Modeling of Force Control System in the Five-Stand Tandem Mill of Cold Rolling Based on Mathematical Analysis along with Neural Network Approach, Mobarakeh Steel Co., 2013-2013. (Principle Investigator)

[28] Detail Design of the Best Data Network to Transmit Critical Valves Positioning Feedbacks to Control Room in Isfahan Power Plant Units 4 and 5 Resulting from Technical and Economic Comparison Among Different Feasible Solutions, Isfahan Power Plant Co., 2012.  (Principle Investigator)

[27]   Technological Analysis of Wireless Instrumentation Networks and Their Feasibility Studies in a Power Plant Along with Implementation of a WSN Prototype, Isfahan Power Plant Co., 2010-2011. (Principle Investigator)

[26]   Proposing and Planning the Research and Technology Roadmap for Instrumentation & Au-tomation in Esfahan Steel Company to Improve Applied Researches Based on Objectives and Master Plan, Esfahan Steel Company, 2010-2011. (Principle Investigator)

[25]   Dynamic Modeling and Stability Analysis of Electrical Power Plant and Important Loads in Mobarakeh Steel Complex Using PSCAD Software, Mobarakeh Steel Co., 2009-2010. (Principle Investigator)

[24] Design and Implementation of a Smart Pressure Sensor to Compensate for Output Deviations Caused by Environmental Temperature, 2008-2009. (Principle Investigator)

[23]   Industrial Automation and Process Control Research Team, Mobarakeh Steel Co., 2007-2009. (Principle Investigator)

[22]    Intelligent Prediction of Mechanical Properties of Steel in the Cold Rolling Process by Means of Neural Networks, 2008. (Principle Investigator)

[21]  Electrical and energy effects investigation of series reactor installation on Electric Arc Furnaces, Mobarakeh Steel Co., 2008. (Principle Investigator) 

[20]    Design and implementation of a Electric Motor Drive, 2008, (Co-Principle Investigator)

[19]   Analysis and evaluation of the power measurement devices in the Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF) plant, Mobarakeh Steel Co., 2006-2007. (Principle Investigator)

[18]  Voltage quality analysis of the power supply system for Electric Arc Furnaces, Mobarakeh Steel Co., 2006-2007. (Principle Investigator)

[17]  Design and implementation of a Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) prototype, Isfahan Regional Electric Co., 2005-2007. (Principle Investigator)

[16]    Proposing new application software to improve HMI in the cold milling plant, 2006. (Co-Principle Investigator)

[15]    Design a unified automation solution for cold milling system including equipments, industrial networks, and monitoring, 2006. (Co-Principle Investigator)

[14]    Nano technology applications in electrical engineering, 2006. (Co- Principle Investigator)

[13]    Applications of FACTS devices in steel industries, 2003-2004. (Co- Principle Investigator)

[12]    Trend of new technologies in electric motor drives for cold milling plants, 2003. (Co-Principle Investigator)

[11] Trend of new technologies in process control for steel industry, 2003-2004. (Co-Principle Investigator)

[10]   Analysis and evaluation of Foundation FieldBus control systems, 2001-2002.  (Principle Investigator)

[9]   Proposing and implementation of a new method for voltage balancing in a multilevel converter based on the classification technique in SVM, 2002. (Co- Principle Investigator)

[8]    Design and implementation of a 3-phase voltage source inverter based on Space Vector Modulation (SVM) using a DSP, 2001. (Co-Principle Investigator)

[7]    Design and start up a nonlinear control systems laboratory, 2001. (Co- Principle Investigator)

[6]  Design and implementation of a high voltage (10.0 kV, 1.0 A) DC power supply with 0.1% load regulation.

[5]  Design and implementation of a computer based testing setup for over current and distance relays.

[4]  Installation, commissioning, and starting of an automatic speed control system for 90hp and 45hp DC motors in an industrial plant.

[3]  Design and implementation of a 2.0 kVA current source function generator with controllable Sine, Triangular and Square Output Current 0- 40.0 A, Output voltage: up to 50V, Frequency: 0.0 to 1.0 kHz.

[2]  Design and implementation of transducers and signal conditioners employed to measurement and monitoring of gas turbines speed in a gas station plant. 

[1]  Design and implementation of a 2.0 kW switching power supply.

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