Industrial Projects

  •  Funded Research Projects and Grants:

32. Design and Implementation of a New Control Method, Automation, and Monitoring System for Steel Leveler System in Heavy Gauge of Hot Rolling Mill, Mobarakeh Steel Co., 2017-2018. (Principle Investigator)

31. Investigating the Causes of Difference Between the Electrical Energy Consumption in the Electrical Arc Furnaces located in Steel-Making Area and the recorded values in the Electrical Distribution Area to Provide and Implement Trouble-Shooting Solutions, Mobarakeh Steel Co., 2013-2013. (Principle Investigator)

30. Design and Implementation of a CO2 Incubator, Iranian Foundation of Stem Cells Research and Development, 2012-2013. (Principle Investigator)

29. Identification and Modeling of Force Control System in the Five-Stand Tandem Mill of Cold Rolling Based on Mathematical Analysis along with Neural Network Approach, Mobarakeh Steel Co., 2013-2013. (Principle Investigator)

28. Detail Design of the Best Data Network to Transmit Critical Valves Positioning Feedbacks to Control Room in Isfahan Power Plant Units 4 and 5 Resulting from Technical and Economic Comparison Among Different Feasible Solutions, Isfahan Power Plant Co., 2012.  (Principle Investigator)

27.   Technological Analysis of Wireless Instrumentation Networks and Their Feasibility Studies in a Power Plant Along with Implementation of a WSN Prototype, Isfahan Power Plant Co., 2010-2011. (Principle Investigator)

26.   Proposing and Planning the Research and Technology Roadmap for Instrumentation & Au-tomation in Esfahan Steel Company to Improve Applied Researches Based on Objectives and Master Plan, Esfahan Steel Company, 2010-2011. (Principle Investigator)

25.   Dynamic Modeling and Stability Analysis of Electrical Power Plant and Important Loads in Mobarakeh Steel Complex Using PSCAD Software, Mobarakeh Steel Co., 2009-2010. (Principle Investigator)

24. Design and Implementation of a Smart Pressure Sensor to Compensate for Output Deviations Caused by Environmental Temperature, 2008-2009. (Principle Investigator)

23.   Industrial Automation and Process Control Research Team, Mobarakeh Steel Co., 2007-2009. (Principle Investigator)

22.    Intelligent Prediction of Mechanical Properties of Steel in the Cold Rolling Process by Means of Neural Networks, 2008. (Principle Investigator)

21.  Electrical and energy effects investigation of series reactor installation on Electric Arc Furnaces, Mobarakeh Steel Co., 2008. (Principle Investigator) 

20.    Design and implementation of a Electric Motor Drive, 2008, (Co-Principle Investigator)

19.   Analysis and evaluation of the power measurement devices in the Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF) plant, Mobarakeh Steel Co., 2006-2007. (Principle Investigator)

18.  Voltage quality analysis of the power supply system for Electric Arc Furnaces, Mobarakeh Steel Co., 2006-2007. (Principle Investigator)

17.  Design and implementation of a Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) prototype, Isfahan Regional Electric Co., 2005-2007. (Principle Investigator)

16.    Proposing new application software to improve HMI in the cold milling plant, 2006. (Co-Principle Investigator)

15.    Design a unified automation solution for cold milling system including equipments, industrial networks, and monitoring, 2006. (Co-Principle Investigator)

14.    Nano technology applications in electrical engineering, 2006. (Co- Principle Investigator)

13.    Applications of FACTS devices in steel industries, 2003-2004. (Co- Principle Investigator)

12.    Trend of new technologies in electric motor drives for cold milling plants, 2003. (Co-Principle Investigator)

11. Trend of new technologies in process control for steel industry, 2003-2004. (Co-Principle Investigator)

10.   Analysis and evaluation of Foundation FieldBus control systems, 2001-2002.  (Principle Investigator)

9.   Proposing and implementation of a new method for voltage balancing in a multilevel converter based on the classification technique in SVM, 2002. (Co- Principle Investigator)

8.    Design and implementation of a 3-phase voltage source inverter based on Space Vector Modulation (SVM) using a DSP, 2001. (Co-Principle Investigator)

7.    Design and start up a nonlinear control systems laboratory, 2001. (Co- Principle Investigator)

6.  Design and implementation of a high voltage (10.0 kV, 1.0 A) DC power supply with 0.1% load regulation.

5.  Design and implementation of a computer based testing setup for over current and distance relays.

4.  Installation, commissioning, and starting of an automatic speed control system for 90hp and 45hp DC motors in an industrial plant.

3.  Design and implementation of a 2.0 kVA current source function generator with controllable Sine, Triangular and Square Output Current 0- 40.0 A, Output voltage: up to 50V, Frequency: 0.0 to 1.0 kHz.

2.  Design and implementation of transducers and signal conditioners employed to measurement and monitoring of gas turbines speed in a gas station plant. 

1.  Design and implementation of a 2.0 kW switching power supply.

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