• Graduate Courses:

·      Smart and Intelligent Instrumentation                  

·      Nonlinear Control Systems

·      Advanced Nonlinear Control Systems                  

·      Control of Power Electronics Converters

  • Undergraduate Courses:

·      Industrial Automation                          (Current Semester)

·      Instrumentation                                     (Current Semester)

·      Linear Control Systems             

·      Digital Control Systems

·      Electrical Circuits II

·      Industrial Control Systems

·      Research Skills and Technical Presentation           (Current Semester)     


  • Short-Term Courses:

·      Research Skills and Seminar for Master Students           (Current Semester)

·      What Is Control Engineering?   ( 3 Hours, IUT)                     

·      Industrial Instrumentation ( 32 Hours, Mobarakeh Steel Co.)

·      DCS, SCADA, and PC-Based Automation ( 32 Hours, Mobarakeh Steel Co.)

·      Industrial Control Systems (40 Hours, Ghatran Refinery Co.)


In the case that you like to know more details about my courses in each semester, please download and see the following file!  


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